Being in love it’s such a special feeling to know that your partner is your true soul mate always there by your side Sharing a journey of hopes and dreams together One day realising that your partner is the most important person and nothing else matters more than to be with them the rest of your life

When the time comes to propose!

Firstly the nervous excitement of popping the question. Maybe you’ve set many different scenarios in your mind wondering how best to make the occasion memorable and truly special. One word comes to mind Timing! This is very important but also where you would like to propose, there is no correct way as you will already have a fair idea of what your partner would like. Maybe you’re thinking of taking a short break, or booking a table in your favourite restaurant. Maybe just getting the family around to share in this magical time you may even consider asking her parents’ permission. But you will definitely want it to be unforgettable and very special and when you eventually ask her what will you say? How will you say it? Nonmatter what that maybe be speak from the heart and savour every moment

Of course you will need a ring

Sometimes this can feel a little daunting as there a so many styles to choose from. Pushy sales people offering very little in the way of good advice allowing you to make an informed decision.

Ask yourself some questions what type of person is my partner? Are they the classic type who may like the timeless design of a solitaire diamond ring? Or are they a little more contemporary? Which in this case they may like the Halo style of design

Maybe you are saving to buy a new house or saving to get married and working off a budget. This ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other it should never be about the cost being expensive or otherwise but what you feel is just perfect.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Here at Dublin Diamond Factory we feel truly privileged to be a small part of your special occasion Every time a couple walks through or doors we feel very grateful they have chosen our award winning team are very conscious of this and will always ensure a warm charming atmosphere awaits

Every proposal brings its own magic and above all a story, part of this story is of course the engagement ring. Every ring we create here at Dublin Diamond Factory is unique and exclusive to us.

Our award winning design team enjoy the challenge of making a bespoke engagement ring custom made from a concept or an idea you may have in mind.

Or simply choose from our stunning diamond engagement ring collections all inspired and designed my our master lead designer Oscar Michael

Our team get a real sense of pride in each and every piece we make no matter how classic or bespoke. In choosing bespoke design you can rest assured knowing your engagement ring is truly unique created by you and made for you. We will get to know you along the way and guide you in making the right decisions to suit your style, taste & budget.

The real fun and enjoyment is working with our clients step by step an in the end surpassing expectation. Here is the best part because we are a factory with skilled craftspeople in house your special bespoke piece will never take more than 3 days to make. When clients come to us after visiting various other establishments we are horrified to hear sometimes they could be waiting upwards of 6 weeks on a bespoke ring

In the end here at Dublin Diamond Factory we think differently we believe we have a role to play in adding to a couple’s magical occasion Allow is to part of your special occasion and see why we were voted best place to buy an engagement In Dublin


This one for example looks classic and traditional and it’s from our Solitaire Diamond Ring collection


This one is for example is a Halo style design and more contemporary this is from our Halo diamond ring collection

Dublin Diamond Factory Have been voted best place to buy an Engagement Ring in Dublin to view our award winning collections or work with our design team on an idea you may have please make an appointment www.dublindiamondfactory.ie

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