It can be on one of the toughest tasks you’re faced with once you’ve decided to pop the question. The good news is the Dublin Diamond Factory are here to help you find that perfect engagement ring. let’s run through some of the questions you’re going to come up against in your search for that special ring.

What colour do you want?

There are plenty of options you can go for. Pink, yellow or maybe white diamond? It’s always a good idea to have a look at what tones and metals your other half wears usually and stick to those. Most people tend to favour gold over silver or vice versa, and the metal you choose for the band should correlate with the stone.

What cut are you looking for?

This is essentially down to how much you want your bling to sparkle. Simple, classic design tend to more about shape than shine so try to match the cut with the overall style of the ring.

What clarity would you like?

Clear or cloudy, it’s all about what you like in a diamond. Ask your jeweller or designer what they recommend for the style and size of the ring if you’re unsure. Clear tends to be the more popular choice.

How many carats do you want?

This is a big one for those looking for that perfect ring. You might be tempted to say the bigger, the better but remember to think of the ring as a complete product. What are you trying to create with this ring, what do you want to say?

What style should I go for?

It should be an easy answer if you have a good understanding of your partner’s personal style. Is she boho chic, simplistic modernist or romantic at heart? Your other half’s style should be at the heart of the ring, it’s shape, colour, size, clarity, everything.

Luckily, the Dublin Diamond Factory is home to an eclectic collection of classic and contemporary engagement and wedding rings so there’s something for everyone. From our ‘Simplicity’ collection for all those with a pure taste to the ‘Forever Love’ collection that’s all about individuality and glamour.

Bespoke is best – The Dublin Diamond Factory belief.

This ring is a statement, the beginning of a story. It’s an important decision and we love to be part of the magical moments in our client’s lives.

Our team of award-winning designers are passionate about bespoke experiences and delivering a truly unique ring that’s unlike any other. That’s why we offer a Bespoke design service that uses only the most beautiful stones. It’s as much about the process as it is the product so we even invite you to join us as we create and craft your very special, bespoke piece.

Start your story with the Dublin Diamond Factory today.