Information On Diamonds

Many reasons exist as to why couples will choose a diamond for their engagement ring. Here are a list of reasons why some couples choose a diamond.

Eternal & Timeless Diamond represents a couple’s commitment to each other.

Hardness – A diamond extremely hard wearing, a diamond will retain its lustre andscintillation for a lifetime. The eternal longevity of a diamond also reflects the symbolic permanence of a couple’s relationship. A diamond ring is can be worn every day and is quite practical.

Fire – Very few stones that have the exceptional fire produced by a diamond. The round brilliant for example, when proportioned to give a very good or excellent cut, magnifies fire and brilliance as light refracts and reflects the through the stone.

Value – Diamonds are traded on a worldwide market and hold specific values. Both rough and polished diamonds carry an intrinsic value. Once cut and polished, a diamond’s value consists of 4 factors. Colour (or whiteness) the Clarity, the Cut, and the Carat weight of the stone. A diamond will keep its value, will not deteriorate, and perish in any way,for many, investing in diamonds proves far safer than investing with a financial institutions.

Price – For many couples the cost of an engagement ring represents a gesture of commitment. Many feel as this is a gesture of a lifelong commitment purchasing a valuable engagement ring is an important part of expressing that in surveys carried out in Ireland 2016 the average price of an engagement ring was €4500.


The best colour for a diamond is no colour at all so totally colourless, a totally colourless diamond allows light to pass through it with ease the result is the light being dispersed as the colour of the rainbow, totally colourless diamonds are also known as D colour.


The Clarity of a diamond is determined by the amount of flaws or otherwise known as inclusions. These inclusions can interfere with the light passing through. This is dependent on the location of the inclusion the fewer inclusions the more scintillating a diamond will be when microscopically viewed under x10 magnification Clarity grades include Flawless to imperfect we invite you to our website to view the full clarity chart.


The Cut of a diamond is its proportions and has no relation to the shape of the diamond Every diamond regardless of its shape gets its brilliance and scintillation by the cut and the polishing of the diamond and its facets, this is to allow the maximum amount of light that enters through its top to be reflected and dispersed back through its top, For optimum scintillation of your diamond it is very important to combine the highest grades possible of all 4 C,s at Dublin diamond factory we work with your budget and offer you exceptional value for money.