• White gold is yellow gold alloyed with other metals such as silver
  • The white hue of 9 carat white gold has a warm tinge
  • 18 carat white gold is a gun metal white colour
  • White gold is often rhodium plated to make it look like platinum.


White gold is yellow gold that has been alloyed with other metals such as silver, palladium and platinum to give it a warm white coloured metal. White gold is a very popular choice at the moment as it has a more modern clean appearance as compared with yellow gold but still can be perhaps regarded as the ‘traditional’ engagement ring metal choice.

All gold used in engagement rings is alloyed with other metals to make it a harder metal and suitable for setting gemstones and diamonds into, it’s the choice of these other metals that affect the colour of the gold. The proportion of gold to alloys is defined by the carat number (which measure the parts of gold out of a total of 24) in the same way that yellow gold is defined.


9 carat white gold is a slightly yellowy white colour as compared with 18 carat white gold.


18 carat white gold is more of a ‘gun metal’ colour than 9 carat


Rhodium is pure metal that can be plated on top of white gold to give it a steely white appearance like platinum. This is a good way to achieve a bright white looking ring without the extra expense of using platinum in your engagement ring. However, this plating will wear off over time to reveal the more yellowy coloured white gold underneath. The speed at which this wearing takes place can vary hugely between people, from only a few months to several years. It is simple and cheap to have a ring re-rhodium plated and Dublin Diamond Factory are always happy to do this.

A lot of ‘high street jewellers’ don’t offer the opportunity for customers to purchase white gold engagement rings that aren’t rhodium plated. At Dublin Diamond Factory we talk to each customer about the pros and cons of plating or not plating rhodium over your white gold engagement ring.

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