• A steely white metal
  • The most expensive precious metal
  • The most hard wearing and durable of the precious metals
  • Platinum is an element with the symbol Pt and atomic number 78


Platinum is the most expensive and hard wearing of the precious metals and a wonderful contemporary steely-white colour. The combination of diamond and platinum in an engagement ring is a wonderful sight and unsurpassed in brilliance. Platinum does not tarnish and its purity means that it will not cause an allergic reaction when in contact with the skin.

Platinum’s strength makes it an ideal metal to set the most valuable of stones into and is an ideal choice within which to set a diamond.

Platinum’s expense is, amongst other things, due to its rarity. Apparently, if you put all the platinum in the world together in an Olympic sized swimming pool the depth wouldn’t even cover your ankles! As platinum is rare, the world’s supply will eventually become exhausted.  Platinum extraction is not environmentally friendly, however it does have many other uses, for example it is of high importance in the medical industry, including use in medical equipment.

Platinum’s name is derived from the Spanish word ‘platina’ when it was discovered in South America by the newly arriving Spanish in the 16th century.

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