Gents Wedding Ring Guide

Shape and Width

Men with smaller hands or more slender fingers often choose a 5mm ring or a slightly narrower ring Men’s wedding rings are usually wider than a ladies wedding ring and most men choose a ring width of between 5mm and 7mm with 6mm and 7mm being the more popular widths. There is several shapes available ranging from Flat, D-Shape to Court shape. Here at Dublin Diamond Factory we can guide you through our extensive collection once you make an appointment.

gents wedding rings
different colour wedding rings


Metal Because all of the jewellery we make is made in-house we give you the option to choose from a variety of precious metals so you van pick the one which suits you best Below you will see the precious metals that will be available to you. Our gold alloys are available in different carats in order to suit your budget • White Gold • Yellow Gold • Rose Gold • Platinum • Palladium


Polished finished rings are the most common finish on rings, This type of finish is very shiny and reflective. You should be able to clearly see your reflection in the ring. For those who like their ring to be noticed, this finish is an excellent option. The drawback to this style is that scratches are easily noticed on polished finish rings. With this in mind we have given you some alternative finishing options as you will see in the picture to your right.

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